Not in it for the placement - In it for the relationship

We're the no nonsense type. Every minute with a Spire employee is a minute spent with sales experts and president's club winners. Our job is to make you feel comfortable with us by being fully transparent with you. Sales and recruiting are two of the most valuable positions in an organization, but also two of the most under-recognized positions in an organization. Our job is to put a stop to that.

Find where you stand in the market.

We'll help you figure out how to sell your experiences in a way that will resonate with the employer.

Get the interview - and nail it.

You've done this a time or two, that's true. But having a personal talent agent helps you iron out the kinks and stand out in the interview.

Improve your skills holistically.

With our resources, you can become a more effective salesperson or recruiter. We're not only your agent, but also your trusted adviser.

Where do you want to go?

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Click to view all of our current openings