It's Called "Smarketing"

The disconnect between sales and marketing has experienced significant progress with the advent of “social selling,” a concept that bridges the gap between the two departments by combining selling techniques with online branding and relationship-building. Perhaps it’s the historical gap in the sales/marketing relationship that causes people to feel this way, but many recruiters still have yet to adopt marketing strategies to supplement their recruiting efforts. The bottom line? Recruiting without marketing is simply lead generation. Recruiting with marketing is demand generation. If you can start getting people to come to you for jobs, you’ll become much more receptive to the idea of marketing.

Marketing Principal #1 – Your brand is everything.

According to, social networking takes up nearly a quarter of all time spent online and reaches more than 75% of all internet users. 56% of recruiters report finding some of their best candidates through social networks, followed by online job boards at 37%. And with 87% of recruiters utilizing networks like LinkedIn, chances are that you’re already present on these platforms. By taking the time to post content that resonates with your target candidate, your profile will show up on your target market’s news feed more often than other recruiters. As a result, you will find candidates that are subconsciously more receptive to your outreach. 

“Social is not a place for a hard sell- it’s a place to build trust and credibility.”
– Julio Viskovich @juliovisco

Here are some questions to ask yourself when building your brand:

Marketing Principal #2 – Segment your target market.

In marketing, segmentation refers to dividing up your target market into subcategories. This helps the marketer develop a better understanding of each segment’s needs. Depending on the type of recruiter you are, you may have various things to look for in candidates. But by taking the time to segment your candidates by experience level, how much rapport you have built, location, etc., you can manage your day more effectively. Once you segment your candidates, you’ll have the foundation laid for our next marketing principal – messaging. 

Marketing Principal #3 – Develop your messaging around your segments.

How long does it take for you to write a customized message to a candidate? Five minutes? Ten? As a recruiter, you know that writing “customized messages” is important. But at the same time, as a recruiter, you know that writing “customized messages” for every single candidate is just unrealistic. This sentiment is all too familiar for marketers, who often have to develop messaging that feels customized, even though it isn’t. The way marketers deal with the overload is by utilizing segments to tailor their messaging. The same principal applies to recruiters. Once you have developed your segments, you can write a template-driven message that addresses each of your segments, highlighting opportunities for more customized messaging. This takes your five minutes of customization down to ~1 minute, thus saving you time, while separating yourself from the countless recruiters who spray and pray.

The gap between sales/recruitment and marketing is diminishing. Capitalizing on all of the resources at your disposal will help you become a more effective recruiter, while building your personal brand. 

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