How to Prevent Burnout in Your Sales/Recruiting Career

Salespeople and recruiters are often their own worst enemies. The difference between the average and good, as well as the difference between good and great, is very small. In short, it’s the day-to-day activities that add up over the course of a year that separate the rep making $45K and the rep making $100K. Imagine that! Doubling your income can happen with small changes each day. And what separates the average salesperson/recruiter from an extraordinary one? Habit.

The quintessential journey of the average sales rep/recruiting associate.

January – You hit the ground running. Your calls are up, your appointments are up, but your business is down. This is to be expected, so you keep hammering the phones.

February – Your calls continue the previous month’s momentum, your appointments become more meaningful, and you’re beginning to see the needle moving on your business. You’re excited and empowered.

March– You saw your success from the previous month and you take your foot off the gas pedal. You become busy closing deals from the previous month, and neglect filling your pipeline like you had in the first two months. You think, well, revenue is what REALLY matters, right? Your business is up, and your manager congratulates you on your superb performance.

April – Calls continue to drop in volume. You hadn’t set up any new appointments because you were too busy closing last month’s opportunities. Business falls flat and that sales needle starts moving back the other way. You begin to panic.

May – You get your act together. Your call volume shoots back up, your appointments are up, but business is once again down. You find yourself back where you started in month one. You become frustrated. 

However, the reality of the situation shows that in month three, you let yourself slide into a false sense of security- that your business would always be there. You stopped doing the extra activities that you did in months one and two. Your business becomes inconsistent. That kind of roller coaster ride will burn any rep out.

Complacency kills your good habits and will ultimately burn you out.

Get in the habit of prioritizing your outbound touches. By consistently and constantly filling your pipeline, you set yourself up for a better pipeline moving forward.

Hold yourself accountable to building good habits as a salesperson/recruiter. The moment you get comfy is the same moment your supposed “luck” will turn against you. 

What kinds of things do you do to prevent burnout in your sales/recruiting job? Let us know in the comments!

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