5 Times Salespeople Won with Humor

Happy Memorial Day weekend! If you're still at the office struggling to get appointments with your prospects, here's a gentle reminder to not take yourself too seriously...

The sales process is all about differentiation. In a world full of limitless choices, sales people have to fight to overcome product/service parody in new ways. If you choose to go outside of the box in order to secure that first meeting with a prospect, using humor can be an effective tactic.

Breaking the ice with a prospect – 5 Times salespeople won.

“I sent my prospect a can opener in the mail, with a postcard that said ‘let’s open up the conversation.’”

“When I was working in payroll, I sent slippers to my prospect to help me ‘get a foot in the door’.”

“My prospect was a huge football fan, so I sent him a football with a message that said ‘stop punting our conversation’.”

“Our company makes the connection between brand marketers and specialist marketers, so we sent matchboxes to prospects for Valentine’s Day, promising to ‘make some sparks’.”

“I sent a watermelon with the message ‘please see me’ to all of my prospects. There was no pun involved, but who has ever been delivered a watermelon? Checkmate.”

When used properly, ice breakers like these help to start the conversation with a prospect. At the very least, the prospect knows that you’ve invested in them, which immediately increases the chances of getting that appointment. 


What tactics have you used to break the ice with a prospect?


Kate Jacoutot

Spire Workforce Solutions, 5575 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Northeast, Building C, Suite 240, Sandy Springs, GA, 30342, United States