Affordable, Fun, and Practical Gift Ideas for Salespeople

The holidays are approaching, and business people everywhere are scrambling to find gifts for clients, employees, as well as their loved ones. Showing a colleague that you thought of them during the holiday season can make a difference down the road...but it's just so hard to figure out what to get for people! Happy holidays to you, because we came up with a really great list of gift ideas for the salespeople in your lives. We have the affordable gifts, the practical gifts, and the "I'm going all-out" gifts- all sales-specific!

Affordable Gifts

1. "For Closers Only" Coffee Mug

99% of sales people are coffee addicts (that’s not a real stat, but it might as well be). Having cool coffee mugs isn’t typically at the top of a salesperson’s priority list, so this gift would be unique and fun. Get it here.

2.  Affirmation Calendar

Handling objection after objection is challenging! This affirmation calendar fits nicely on a salesperson’s desk and provides them with daily encouragement, something that every salesperson needs from time to time.

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Yes, sales is a skills-based profession. But another big component of sales is luck. This bamboo plant not only brings luck but also can brighten up a salesperson’s desk with a little natural beauty.

4. Personalized Business Card Holder

A beautiful, personalized business card holder is one of those things that every salesperson wants but doesn’t ever buy for themselves. There’s a bunch of different types out there for prices ranging from $10-30. It’s a great gift for the holidays!

5. His/Her favorite inspirational quote framed

This one is sort of a DIY kind of project. But getting a salesperson’s favorite inspirational quote framed as a desk decoration is a great way to impress. Struggling for ideas? See our blog, “20 Inspirational Quotes to Hang in Your Cubicle” for some ideas.

Practical Gifts

1. LinkedIn Premium Subscription (Sales Navigator or Recruiter)

It may not be one of those gifts with a lot of “pizzazz,” but it is one that will definitely be utilized.

2. "Become the Only Choice: A Customer-Focused Approach to Selling the Way People Buy"

This short and entertaining sales book is written in a story format, so it’s not a bore to read. It’s one of those books that you can kick back and read in a single day and still learn a ton from. Become the Only Choice delivers a simple and effective methodology for salespeople. Undoubtedly, it will be a staple on the bookshelf. Get it here.

3. Bluetooth Headset

I mean, come on. Everyone business person has one.

4. Subscription to Prezi

Many salespeople build presentations on a regular basis. A subscription to Prezi is a great gift that’ll brighten up those presentations.

5. If you are a customer, the greatest gift you can give is a referral/recommendation.

If you’re a customer that has a close relationship with a salesperson, do not underestimate the power of a recommendation.

And if you want to go all's the "Emperor Desk"

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Kate Jacoutot

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