A Guide to Warming Up That Cold Call with Email

Salespeople and/or Recruiters: How do you initiate the conversation with a prospect?

In the past we’ve discussed the death of the “cold call” and the importance of social selling. Email is another crucial component of your sales/recruitment strategy, so long as you know what you’re up against…

While 122 emails seems like stiff competition, do not lose hope! About 100 of those emails will get moved to the trash before your prospect gets started with their day. Your goal will to be one of the remaining 22. Here’s how: 

Tip 1 – Make it personal.

5 minutes of social research goes a long way in getting your email read and answered. Looking up your prospect’s social media profiles, reading a recent blog he/she published, or even just a quick peruse of his/her LinkedIn profile can arm you with information to make your email more personally relevant. 

What this does:

This tells your prospect that:

  • You're a professional
  • You're targeting him/her intelligently, rather than spraying and praying
  • You've invested time in him/her

Tip 2 - Eliminate any and all uncertainty

Before you dive into all of the social research that you’ve done with your prospect, you have to eliminate the uncertainty that comes along with an email from an unknown salesperson/recruiter. You can do this by telling the prospect how you found him/her (IE: referral, recent blog he/she published, recent post on social, current job title, any compelling reason), telling them when you plan on following up with a phone call, and the reason for your outreach. Additionally, provide a clear path to what’s next, should your prospect decide that they want to continue this conversation.


“Hi Bethany,

JoAnne referred me to your LinkedIn profile when we were discussing her network, and after observing your experience with (insert company name), coupled with your strong social presence, I wanted to start a dialogue with you. We have a few openings, particularly (insert more specific information), for which we think you would be a great fit for. And while I’m sure you’re satisfied with your current employer, I’d love to carve out about 15 minutes of your time so I can get to know you and your goals a little better, should you want a change down the road. In fact, we’ve found that making a move after 2-3 years in your role can increase your base salary by 40%. I’ll be reaching out to you by phone next week at around 10:00 AM, and would welcome the opportunity to get to know you more. Until then, you can reach out to me via email or phone. “

Tip 3 - Know the Do's and Don'ts of email outreach

This is your wake-up call! Fine-tune your email strategy, or get "trashed"


About the author:

Kate Jacoutot is the Marketing Consultant for Spire Workforce Solutions. To learn more about Kate, visit her website.

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