A Recruiter's Guide to the Staffing Industry in 2017

 2017 Staffing Industry Trends | Spire Workforce Solutions

In staffing, the story is the same: candidates change their strategies to find new job opportunities and employers don’t ever seem to keep up. If you read our last blog on “the death of staffing,” you’ll know that the staffing industry is experiencing a period of tremendous change where the threat of emerging technologies will undoubtedly force recruiters to adjust their strategies.

If, as a recruiter, you’re aiming to shift the narrative of the staffing industry, it’s important to understand what changes are on the horizon for staffing in 2017:

1. For candidates, it’s not just about the job anymore – it’s about the company.

The importance of company culture has grown in recent years and will continue to grow moving forward – especially among millennials (who now make up the largest segment in the workforce). As such, recruiters are seeing candidates care less about the job description and more about the company whom it belongs to. Given that a recent Deloitte study cited that 56% of millennials surveyed had ruled out a company because of its values, it may be prudent for recruiters to think up ways to go beyond the job description with candidates.

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2. Staffing firms will ramp up their marketing efforts in 2017.

82% of staffing leaders agree that an investment in branding leads to new business. But compared to other industries, staffing lags behind, investing only about 10% of their budget in branding. With increased competition for clients and talent, it’s safe to say that staffing firms will begin to differentiate themselves by emphasizing their authenticity, specialties and superior service in their marketing message.

 From  2017 LinkedIn Staffing Report

Any recruiter who has ever benefited from a candidate referral should know that recruiters should leverage branding too! A strong personal brand online can help with attracting new candidates, retaining existing candidate relationships, and weeding out the competition. 

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3. Social media is the new job board.

Traditional job ad engagement is plummeting. While job boards are still valuable, candidates are shifting their focus towards social recruiting. Staffing agencies and employers need to meet candidates where they are… and more than likely, these candidates are on multiple social media platforms. Linkedin used to be the only game in town for hunting down qualified candidates via social media, but with Facebook and Google experimenting with native job boards that mimic the once-unique features of Linkedin’s interface, recruiters should look to other social media platforms to expand their pool of candidates. 

 From  2017 LinkedIn Staffing Report

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4. In 2017, the staffing industry will experience Increased demand for both recruiters and placements.

46% of US employers surveyed in ManpowerGroup’s 2016/2017 Talent Shortage Survey reported having difficulty filling jobs. This will likely contribute to an increased demand for staffing agencies and recruiters. In addition, with 83% of staffing firms boasting an average placement time of less than two months, this means that there will be an increased demand for recruiters, as well as technology that will help staffing companies leverage big data and assist recruiters in automating their workflow.

 Top Challenges Staffing Companies' teams face in 2017 - From  2017 LinkedIn Staffing Report

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Sales people and recruiters are becoming the highest priority roles to fill in 2017… so if you’re unhappy with your base or commission structure, it’s time to make a move! Contact a Spire talent agent to learn about the opportunities out there and what you can do to leverage this demand.

Images Sourced From: 2017 LinkedIn Global Staffing Trends Report


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