We Know Sales & Staffing.

We're former sales and recruiting professionals who recruit sales and recruiting professionals. And we've got it down to a science. 


Whether we're talking about a candidate's resume or a company's job description, many staffing companies fail to read between the lines and understand that there's more to it than words on a page. As a top sales recruiting company, we're a sought-after partner for growth organizations. 

We believe that prescription before diagnosis equals malpractice.

For clients, this means that before we send candidates to you, we want to gain an understanding of your business' unique culture and the soft skills a candidate would need to thrive in your organization. Not only do we take the headache out of the hiring process, but we also lower your costs by getting it right the first time.

For talent, this means seeing beyond the resume and understanding what's important to you in a company. Whether it be job security, company culture, or just a bump in pay, we'll work with you to get to the next level in your career.


Elevate your career.

Spire's talent agents aren't your typical recruiters. We see beyond the resume and get to know you, your ambitions, and your long-term career goals so that you can find the role that's right for you.